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Maison Moderne plays the compositions of clarinetist Steven Kamperman, generally praised for his adventurous and warm-blooded writing and playing. It incorporates some of the Netherlands’ and France’s finest jazz improvisers. Kamperman’s clarinet is accompanied by the sparkling viola of Oene van Geel, the rich sound world of the French guitarist Paul Jarret and the creative interventions that Albert van Veenendaal brings in with his (at times prepared) piano.



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Composer/clarinetist Steven Kamperman wrote the suite Maison Moderne during a residency at the Maison Van Doesburg (Paris). The piece stylistically balances improvised jazz and rock with contemporary composed music, leading to a world of its own. It is inspired by the house, life and passions of Theo van Doesburg, the founder of modernist art movement De Stijl, 1917-1927.

The music takes the listener on a sonic tour through the house, from L’Entrée via the Grand Atelier to the machinery of La Chaufferie. In between, there are intermezzos related to important aspects of Van Doesburg’s life, such as his close but finite friendship with painter Piet Mondrian, and his relationship with pianist (Pétro)Nelly van Moorsel.

Paying true hommage to the house, the musicians recorded the suite on location, right down to the boiler room. The extensive liner notes and the many photos in the CD booklet take the listener on their adventure.


steven kamperman b-flat & alto clarinet, percussion, compositions

oene van geel viola, percussion

paul jarret electric guitar

albert van veenendaal piano, bass guitar