Soft Steel
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Soft Steel


DEON is Dion Nijland’s newest project. Making use of the many talents in the thriving scene of his hometown Utrecht the young and talented players Mees Siderius (drums) and Ruben Drenth (trumpet) bring their energetic and modern musical sound to the group, furthermore existsting of the warm blooded saxophone player Ad Colen and the intense clarinet player Steven Kamperman. DEON seeks the intimacy of a singable melody and has the urge to rock and jump up and down. The music is crackling, intimate, sanding and moving. Played at the cutting edge.



Terms and Conditions

The album SOFT STEEL contains 12 compositions by Dion Nijland that combine the power, clarity and objectivity of musical structures with the emotional expression of the performers . Notes on paper slowly vanished and transformed into a lively and human sound. The structured compositions are shaped by the musicians, always potentially moving into another direction. An impression of a lifelong relationship with music and its different shapes.

Dion Nijland double bass

Steven Kamperman clarinets

Ad Colen saxophones

Ruben Drenth trumpet

Mees Siderius drums and vibraphone