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The Zebra Street Band

Alistair Payne - trumpet   

Salvoandrea Lucifora - trombone, tuba, composition 

Andrius Dereviancenko - tenor saxophone

John Dikeman - baritone saxophone

Fabio Galeazzi - drums and percussion

Onno Govaert - drums and Percussions



Terms and Conditions

The Zebra Street Band is an Amsterdam based brass band initiated by trombonist Salvoandrea Lucifora in 2017.

The band creates highly energetic music that is both artistic and infectiously danceable.

Myriad styles melt together into a unique and original repertoire. Moments of groove alternating with floating textures and collective improvisations.

 Every member of the band is a strong soloist and improviser and this allows the music to come out fresh and new with each performance. No piece is played the same way twice.

Zebra performs both as a marching band and in a stage set up with a double drum set and tuba added to the group instrumentation.