Live At De Roze Tanker
  • Live At De Roze Tanker

Live At De Roze Tanker


Oguz Büyükberber - bass clarinet

Tobias Klein - bass clarinet

The music was recorded in June 2021 at the small informal venue De Roze Tanker in Amsterdam. The cd features the Büyükberber/Klein set at the Tanker in its entirety, from the first note to the last: two bass clarinets and nothing else.
The exhilaration of playing for a live audience again, after months of not being able to, is clearly reflected in the music.

Recorded by Ron Ruiten, mixed and mastered by Tolga Tüzün.

"And my oh my, what a performance it is. Klein and Büyükberber have been playing as a duo for more than sixteen years, and it shows ... This is a pleasure to listen to... it all shows in their uplifting performance. Get this release if you want to hear what’s possible on a bass clarinet..." (Vital Weekly)



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Oğuz Büyükberber and Tobias Klein have been working together since 2005, often as a bass clarinet duo. Finely attuned to each other through years of performing together, Büyükberber and Klein use their keen sense for structure to create music that is free and rigorous at the same time.
Karl Ackermann in allaboutjazz wrote about their duo cd ‘Reverse Camouflage’ (Trytone, 2015): ”Büyükberber and Klein ... adapt at holding the compositions together even as they push the limits beyond formal constructs. The musicianship is first rate and the album, something different."


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