• 37Fern




Claron McFadden - voice

Kristina Fuchs - voice

Oğuz Büyükberber - clarinet, bass clarinet

Tobias Klein - bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet



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As the main driving force behind 37Fern, Oğuz Büyükberber and Tobias Klein explore the palimpsest of Anatolian music in a modern jazz language. The virtuosity and versatility that Claron McFadden and Kristina Fuchs bring to the music enables the ensemble to blur the lines between strictly composed and improvised, contemporary and traditional. Freedom and imagination prompt the ambitions for this unique quartet. Originals and unique arrangements of folk music balance their repertoire. 37Fern had its debut at Basklarinet Festijn in 2018. "... beautiful album with adventurous music, keeping a balance between different genres, and you hear the joy in the performance."(Gert Derkx, Opduvel)


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