Anthem of Joy
  • Anthem of Joy

Anthem of Joy


Cocktail Party Attack 

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Tristan Renfrow - drums

 Asger Thomsen - electric bass

 Andrius Dereviancenko - saxophone/fx



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Cocktail Party Attack

Cocktail Party Attack is a group of musicians based in Amsterdam. Lead by saxophonist Andrius Dereviancenko and consisting of Asger Thomsen on bass and Tristan Renfrow on drums, the group pulls from their wide variety of musical backgrounds to come together with one cohesive sound. The trio melds genres with ease, producing work that sounds both free and highly regimented at the same time. Their music is as fervent and intense as it is charming, often utilizing surprising shifts in tempo or style to keep the listener engaged throughout.  

Cocktail Party Attack's debut album, "Anthem of Joy," was recorded in July of 2021. In it, the listener can pick out strands of funk, R&B, jazz, and metal, often all within one song. The band's precise and uncompromising rhythm, accentuated with expressive harmonies, creates a deep pocket for the saxophone melodies to soar above. Songs often begin in a completely different place from where they end, leaving the listener wondering how they got to their new setting so seamlessly. Though it may seem effortless, Cocktail Party Attack's music is anything but, relying on the trust and conviction of the trio.