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Two distinct musicians from two worlds, two cultures of music, the African and the European seamlessly create a masterpiece of an album. The surprises, melodic twists and turns, cross-pollination of improvised ideas, melodic invention, and textures never heard before, all align to make their collaboration a breath of fresh air. In a nutshell, their collaboration showcases the beauty of cooperation and working together in music.



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NOMYKOM is inspired by the social media culture of today and most especially the slang generation's inventiveness with words, whereby long sentences are reduced to a short phrase or even a word. For example, LOL means "laugh out loud." In this vein, NOMYKOM means "not my kind of music." According to Iye Echa, "the idea of Nomykom came from listening to how people around me react when I play instrumental music, improvised music or jazz.

The album features Fourteen songs, eleven original compositions by Iye Echa and three improvised sketches. The music is engaging, soulful and at times edgy. Both musicians Mark Lotz on flutes and Iye Echa on soprano and tenor saxophones stretch our ideas of melodic, harmonic and most especially rhythmic conceptions of music. 

Iye echa on soprano and tenor saxophones & Mark lotz on flutes

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