Peeling Off Slowly
  • Peeling Off Slowly

Peeling Off Slowly


Bite the Gnatze

Joost Buis - trombone, lapsteelguitar

Michel Duijves - clarinet,  bass-clarinet, tinwhistle

Paul Pallesen - guitar,  banjo,  bouzouki

Frank van Bommel - piano, vibraphone, glockenspiel

Meinrad Kneer - double bass

Alan Purves  - drums,  percussion, squeekie toys

Jorrit Dijkstra - altosaxophone



Terms and Conditions

Bite the Gnatze is a band of many colours, with jazz, early seventies popmusic, traditional folk, free jazz, influences from contemporary classical music as most important influences. In their twenty years of existence Bite the Gnatze played and used whatever did feed the inspiration. Drummer Alan Purves comes from Scotland and brings his traditional music influence , broad improvisation skills and fantastic percussion instruments. Pianoplayer Frank van Bommel is a powerful free/jazzman/improviser with a great sense for abstraction. Both clarinetplayers Steven Kamperman and Michel Duijves are improvisers who also explored European traditional folk music. Tromboneplayer and lapsteel guitarist Joost Buis is an improviser with a great tone and a soundwizzard on his lapsteelguitar. Guitarplayer and composer Paul Pallesen is an eclectic musician who collects whatever he needs to create his music. Bite the Gnatze is a collective whose comic flair and precise technique confirms the exuberant passion and confidence in Holland’s free music scene (Cadence)