Guillermo Celano Quartet
  • Guillermo Celano Quartet

Guillermo Celano Quartet


Guillermo Celano guitar

Folkert Oosterbeek piano
Clemens van der Feen double bass
Flin van Hemmen drums and voice




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This album, as the title suggests, moves between two worlds: fiction and reality, day and night, concrete vs abstraction. Changing and overlapping one to another the music moves forward taking different forms, from a tonal passage to a wild free fall group solo. This postmodern album moves across borders and music styles making home in multicultural society.


“Fiction and Reality” once again shows what a brilliant guitarist Celano is. From finely drawn-out melody lines to nasty improvisations. Celano is a versatile guitarist and composer. Unimpeded by clichés or stuffy frames, he absorbs a variety of music styles and then turns it into a quirky sparkling mixture. Jazz, classical, pop, impro, rock: Celano keeps adding new insights. The album title “Fiction and Reality” is melodious; fiction and reality represent concrete and abstract, which also overlap”.

Jazzenzo, Erno Elsinga, august 2020. NL

…”In this landscape, this world of sound, nothing is as hammock-blissful as it initially seemed. The guitar gets into thin air in its tendon and a light bends and breaks beauty. Celano’s melodiousness, which harvests the heart fibers, is aware of the dissonance between fiction and reality and unleashes reality with Hendrix’s fury”.

Bad Alchemy magazine, Rigobert Dittmann june 2020, Germany.

“A record with far-reaching improvisations, which can not to be described as “free”, but instead show the extensive creative insight and fantasy of the four musicians. Diversity is an asset, based on the deeper intention behind this album: impressions of the most recent trip that Celano made to South America. That makes Fiction and Reality – with titles of pieces such as Los Andes, Peru, Landscape and Precious metals in exchange for contaminated water – a recording as colorful as the countries of this continent”.

Jazznu RINUS VAN DER HEIJDEN, august 2020

“Whereas with the Celano/Baggiani the Amsterdam im-pro, jazz and Argentine roots predominate, the main focus here is on the rock side of Celano’s musical universe. The nice thing about it is that he is a gifted blacksmith melody so that the music on this debut album, “Fiction And Reality”, always remains accessible”.

Jazz Flits, Herman te Loo, july 2020, NL


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