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Michael Fischer (A), tenor sax & feedback  Marc Baggiani (NL/AR), drums

"...The two were determined to redefine the sonic options of such a duo... Their music is wrapped in an experimental, risk-taking envelope, mischievous, driving rhythms, and poetic resonance. ...Spiritual, inventive, and flowing with nervous doubt that bAgg*fisH created their own, highly idiosyncratic sound universe.

Fischer has a charismatic commanding tone on the sax and the driving, poly-rhythmic pulse of Baggiani keeps pushing him to the edge." 

Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz



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An energetic noise electroacoustic improv duo, psychedelic and poetical at the same time.
A highly focused research-worker on the unstable feedback texture and an ever convincing drummer
sharing a musical journey.
While creating metaphoric sequences travelling with high speed, bAgg*fisH refer
to a discourse relating to Coltrane's Interstellar Space, Jimi Hendrix and today's improv and noise
music scene.

"Fischer’s feedback sax sounds more like feedback electric guitar than anything you’d hear from John Butcher ... And Baggiani shows he’s in the same class, constantly producing small crispy contact sounds out of tautly measured free-beats. ... I love it now."  Tim Owen, Dalston Sound