• Okno



Man Bites Dog

Tobias Klein - alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Damien Cluzel - guitar
Mark Haanstra - bass guitar
Emmanuel Scarpa – drums, percussion

special guest: Sylvia de Hartog - voice



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The third album of Man Bites Dog features bassist Mark Haanstra. Man Bites Dog has developed and refined various concepts of interplay, sound and composition. The group members aim at fusing their background of jazz, improvised and modern classical music with techniques and forms derived from South-Indian, East- and West-African music. Man Bites Dog performs this mix with a directness and energy that is more common in rock and punk music. The group stretches or improvises musical forms rather than abandoning them. Melodic, harmonic and rhythmical roles become interchangeable by using additional possibilities such as bass clarinet, baritone and fretless guitars, and various percussion instruments. The result is a varied and intense repertoire, consisting of lyrical melodies, explosions of sound and fat grooves.


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