• Proverbe



The second album of DUMItRIO creates an entrancing ambiance with Romanian flavours, supported by narrative-intuitive compositions and spontaneous improvisations. Band leader and composer George Dumitriu, steered the trio into new musical directions by cultivating in their repertoire elements of oral and musical Romanian folklore. Offering insights into traditional Romanian wisdom, the structure of the new album is built on four Romanian proverbs spoken by Mama-mare (the composer’s grandmother).  The recording of her voice was played back in a loops which inspired DUMItRIO’s improvisations with their natural irregular metrics and dynamics.

The sublime addition of violin, viola and cello fashions a new dimension to the sound of the guitar trio.



Terms and Conditions

George Dumitriu –viola, violin, guitar
Mattia Magatelli – contrabass, electric bass
Kristijan Krajnčan – cello, drums
Cornelia Popa is speaking 4 Romanian proverbs.