The Living City
  • The Living City

The Living City


Diederik Rijpstra – trumpet, glockenspiel, vocals

Andy Milne – piano, synths

Greg Ritchie – drums

Zack Lober – double bass, electric bass

Keisuke Matsuno - guitar



Terms and Conditions

The Living City was recorded and produced in New York, where Diederik Rijpstra has been living for the past four years. The band consists of the wonderful musicians Andy Milne (piano), Greg Ritchie (drums), Zack Lober (bass) and Keisuke Matsuno (guitar). The record is inspired by the universal energy amongst people in the city. Rijpstra recorded city sounds on the corner of 42nd St. and 5th Ave. for a 24 hours. The edited sounds play an important role on the title track, in which the city awakes, lives and finally falls asleep. On The Living City Rijpstra combines rock, jazz, Philip Glass related sounds and sometimes electronics. It’s about people. (and about cats)