• Cloudfish



Jasper le Clercq - violin, effects, loops

Hartog Eysman - vocals

Recorded November 2020 at Kultuurwerkplaats Oosterbeek

Mixed by Udo Pannekeet

Mastered by Darius van Helfteren

Lay-out by Ilja Bertrand



Terms and Conditions

Cloudfish is an exceptional duo of voice and violin. A unique blend of songs and improvisation, aiming for atmosphere and emotion.

Cloudfish consists of Hartog Eysman and Jasper le Clercq. They have developed a sixth sense for interplay, constantly reacting to each other. Their music evolves like a kaleidoscope. 

Songs are never once played in the same way. Every version is a fresh exploration of the material. Where the adventure takes them is a surprise, a reinterpretation, a remix. 

The result is like a film, made out of sound. Textures and layers are created by Le Clercq's violin loops and effects. Sometimes minimal, with small motifs just colouring the silence. Sometimes dramatic, with rhythms and melodies building up to a climax.

But is it Art ? is an album to be heard like a story. Original songs mixed with improvisation create a musical landscape that is always changing. It can be quiet and intimate, dramatic or jubilant. 

But is it Art ? was recorded on location at Kultuurwerkplaats Oosterbeek, and mixed by Udo Pannekeet. Made with lots of fun and love, we hope you'll enjoy our music as much as we enjoyed playing and recording it.