• Dalgoo




Tobias Klein – alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Lothar Ohlmeier – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Meinrad Kneer – double bass
Christian Thomé - drums



Terms and Conditions

Dalgoo tells stories through its music. The group uses different narrative techniques from literature, cinema, theatre and dance to structure its compositions and improvisations. Flashbacks, cuts, morphing images, conversations and inner monologues are translated into sound, rhythms and melodies. Dalgoo takes on the challenge to move freely in these structures. In performance, a story can travel a new course, a joke can receive a different punch line, and the moral of the story will always surprise both the musicians and audience.
Dalgoo plays its own compositions. Using additional percussion, unusual instrumental techniques and a reed instrument arsenal including (bass-)clarinets, the band has developed a richness of sound colors and textures which is very unusual for a quartet.


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