El Tren
  • El Tren

El Tren



Michael Fischer: tenor saxophone, feedback_saxophone, vocals

Vinicius Cajado: double bass

Marcos Baggiani: drums & percussion, kazoo


Recorded byThomas Aichinger and Florian Widhalm at studio El Tren on September 7th , 2021 - Vienna - Austria.

Mixed and mastered by Guillermo Celano in Amsterdam.

Produced by Trytone, El Tren, Michael Fischer, Marcos Baggiani and Vinicius Cajado

Graphic design by Michael Fischer, cover art by Danielle Talva and Michael Fischer.

All tracks are uncut recorded improvisations.

BandCamp: https://renewable.bandcamp.com/album/el-tren

BAGG*FISH: https://baggfish.blogspot.com/,

M. Fischer: http://m.fischer.wuk.at/,

M. Baggiani: http://marcosbaggiani.com/



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BAGG*FiSH, an exceptional improvisational noise power duo, showcases the dynamic collaboration of Austrian feedback/sax player Michael Fischer and Argentinean drummer Marc Baggiani. Their eagerly anticipated second album, enriched by the talents of Vinicius Cajado on double bass—a gifted Brazilian virtuoso dividing his time between New York, Berlin, and Vienna—has just been completed.

The duo's inaugural album, released by trytone in 2013, stands as a significant milestone in the global improv-noise scene. Renowned for their commitment to redefining the sonic possibilities of such a duo, BAGG*FiSH's music is enveloped in an experimental, risk-taking spirit, characterized by mischievous, driving rhythms, and poetic resonance.

Critics have lauded their work, with Eyal Hareuveni of All About Jazz noting, "...Spiritual, inventive, and flowing with nervous energy... no doubt that BAGG*FiSH has created their own, highly idiosyncratic sound universe. Fischer's charismatic and commanding tone on the sax, paired with Baggiani's driving, poly-rhythmic pulse, consistently pushes the boundaries to the edge."